Northern Cape SAPS aims to improve work moral

Bewarea-aanvaller steeds op vrye voet

The Northern Cape SAPS awarded more than 12 awards to members serving in the Northern Cape Human Resource Development  during their annual provincial awards that was held at the Horseshoe Motel in Kimberley Thursday 21 July 2016. According to Lieutenant Kock, the awards serve to improve SAPS employees work moral. The awarded personnel varied from the best cleaner, best security, to the best trainer and best training section and centre, the best commissioned officer, the best non-commissioned officer, the best male ambassador, best female ambassador and the best public service act member.

“The awards can be seen as a great motivator to SAPS employees. They encourage individuals to continue doing great work and delivering the best service. Appreciating SAPS employees also assist in boosting work ethic and moral,” said Lieutenant Kock.

Ensuring excellent work ethic is of necessity in South Africa. A token of appreciation to civil servants is one way of achieving this goal explained Kock.

Katleho Morapela