“No tenant should live in appalling conditions” – Mlamleli

Matsapa Inn is located in the Bloemfontein CBD. Photo: Katleho Morapela

Mangaung Metro Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, says no resident deserves to live in dreadful, unsafe conditions. This comes after the municipality together with the police raided and shut down apartments of Matsapa Inn building situated in the Bloemfontein CBD.

Mlamleli said while inspecting the building they discovered that the living conditions of the women and children staying at this place were very unsafe. “I really found that it was an appalling state. We cannot let people live in that area. We found about two women, others were not there. These women were living in very dirty conditions, unfortunately they were also living with children. We could not let children live in that environment it is not conducive for the upbringing of children”.

Mlamleli says the safety of Mangaung residents takes precedence and the closure of the Matsapa Inn, believed to be ran and owned by a Ghanaian national Husini Adam, is a call they had to make.

She indicated that at the ground level of the building there is a pub of which both the tenants and customers make use of one entrance. Mlamleli says although the owner had legal documents for the operation of the pub, it however poses safety issues for the children living in that building. Mlamleli says the shutdown building has also proved to be a hub of illegal migrants, and illegal substances.

“We want all areas under the Mangaung Metro jurisdiction to be crime free, safe areas,” she added. Mlamleli said the dilapidated building has put the safety and hygiene of tenants at risk.

“The place was unhygienic, we simply could not let children be raised in such environments”. Mlamleli further added that the two school dropout teenage girls found inside the building, were escorted by the police to their homes in Botshabelo. She said the teenage girls will be enrolled in school for the new academic year.

Meanwhile, the owner of the building, Husini Adam, maintains that police officials have inspected the building before, and have never given him any warning or any indication of shutting down the building. He said although there is a pub at the ground floor of the building, his tenants hardly complained about it, and maintains that there were no illegal activities taking place at the pub.

Mlamleli urges Mangaung residents to report any suspicious behaviour or areas where they suspect criminal activities to be taking place.

Katleho Morapela / Courant News