New Mangaung Mayor no empty brainer


The new Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality Mayor says she’s not an empty brainer.

Olly Mlamleli already knows that people are comparing her with former mayor, Thabo Manyoni. She says the Mangaung community is naturally expecting her to accelerate.

She was speaking at the Metro’s inaugural council meeting that took place at the Bloemfontein City Hall on Thursday. She becomes part of the Metro, having knowledge of the foundation that has already been set by Manyoni and she promises to continue with the legacy.

Watch as she is officially sworn in as the new Mangaung Mayor

“There are current competent municipal officials, as well as their former mayor, who is competent as well. That I will always respect. If there is anything that I need to know from him, my doors are always open and his doors are also open for me. You did see that we also voted together and that reflects who we are in the African National Congress.”

She says they are both proud of one another.

“He said to me vividly ‘my sister, my comrade, I wish you all the best’ and I was not ashamed to thank him. With complimentary skills and mutual accountability, we will effectively implement the constitution of the government and all the pieces of the legislation that are governing municipalities, as well as the manifesto of the ANC. In addition, which is very important, are the wishes from the voters and the community to this municipality,” Mlameli explains.