Maseru border case postponed

Photo: Earl Coetzee

The case against twenty-six suspects, who were arrested for suspected fraud and corruption at the Maseru border post last month, could not proceed in the Ladybrand Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Hawks spokesperson, S’fiso Nyakane, says the case was postponed to 3 February 2017 as two attorneys in the case could not appear in court after they called in sick.

The group of 20 home affairs officials and 6 members of the public have been accused of allegedly conspiring to illegally issue documents to Lesotho citizens who have exceeded their allotted time in South Africa, in exchange for thousands of rand per person.

The accused are all out on bail. The bail for these non-officials, who allegedly conspired with 20 other Home Affairs officials, ranged from R500 to R1000.

Hawks spokesperson, S’fiso Nyakane, earlier added that there were strict parole conditions, one of which was the revoking of passports of the suspects.

-Mark Steenbok