Mangaung working on getting metro police by June 2017


Mangaung metro council is working towards establishing the metro police by June 2017. The previous Mangaung metro council had made the decision that the metro should have metro police by then.

Mangaung has been a metro since 2011 and is yet to establish their own metro police. During the special council meeting held on Wednesday 14 December, council discussed the progress report on the implementation of council resolution on the establishment of the municipal police service within the jurisdiction of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality as well as the Amendment of Macro Structure for the establishment of metro police to enhance and improve the service delivery.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) argued that more information regarding the cost of establishing metro police was needed, while the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) stated that it was about time.

Mangaung executive mayor Olly Mlamleli says she will now start with the process of adding on the metro police structure to that of the rest of the municipality. “We know that Mangaung is a new metro, and we are now in the new council. I can’t postpone it further. We have agreed that let us not appoint but start the process of attaching that segment of the organogram into the Mangaung organogram,” she added.

Seithati Semenoakane / Courant News