Mangaung residents oblivious about reality of crime in their city


Residents in Mangaung seem to be oblivious about the reality of crime in their city. This is in stark contrast to Johannesburg residents who are living in constant fear of their city’s reputation for crime. This according to the State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report that was compiled by the Urban Safety Reference Group and SA Cities Network. The report was released yesterday. It presents a consolidated city-level reading of the state of crime and violence in South Africa by assessing the situation in nine of its largest municipalities. It shows that the average level of fear amongst Mangaung residents is much lower than the average level of crime reported. In Mangaung people are less afraid of becoming a victim of crime by allowing their children to walk to school, jogging or using public transportation. The lowest average fear was recorded in Msunduzi municipality in Pietermaritzburg – Cathy Dlodlo