Mangaung Metro sets target to eradicate SA’s number one killer

Photo: Pulane Choane
The Mangaung Metro aims to reduce the number of people who are infected with TB. Its mayor, Olly Mlamleli, wants to have 54% of the citizens screened and 89% of those diagnosed, to be treated successfully, within her five-year term.

Mlamleli says she will undertake the necessary measures to help Mangaung residents to fight the stigma around TB and HIV/AIDS.She adds that she has recently been informed that people infected with these communicable diseases queue up in separate rooms to receive their medication at public facilities. This side-lines them and contributes to the stigma surrounding infected people.

Mlamleli says she will ensure that residents are provided with the best service delivery at public health care facilities.

“There are targets proposed to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, and as the new Mayor I will embark on different programmes to ensure that our people receive the best services at public facilities,” she says.

The Executive Mayor of Mangaung Metro Municipality, Olly Mlamleli, commits to funding non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that assist people who are infected with TB and HIV/AIDS.

Mlamleli says a number of NGOs have raised issues relating to the lack of funding. She says besides complaints about funding, a lack of treatment at public health care facilities is one of the issues the municipality will address shortly.

She says she will soon visit public clinics and hospitals to assess the state of service delivery.

Mlamleli added that the municipality will intensify collaboration with the provincial Department of Health to roll out an awareness campaign, which will focus on regular campaigns at taxi ranks and informal settlements.

She says various NGOs in the province have been doing this work for ages and the time has come for the government to assist them financially.

“I am making a request for us to work together because together we can achieve more. I will be looking at funding NGOs that help communities eradicate the spread of communicable diseases. I will also visit public hospitals unannounced to monitor how people are treated and how they deal with the stigma. Mlamleli appeals to all government departments and the private sector to join hands in funding organisations that help fight the pandemic.”

Katleho Morapela/Courant News