Mangaung Metro intervenes in flooded areas


The city has been receiving continuous rainfall since the afternoon of Friday, 03 February, and a number of areas in Phase 9 and 10 (Ward 46) were saturated with water at the weekend. As a result of stormwater drainage that was flooded, a number of households were affected.

Ward 46’s Councillor Ramabodu alerted the city’s disaster management control centre of the situation, which immediately dispatched Disaster Management teams to the affected areas.

The Joint Operating Centre is also working with Red Cross, who responded positively.
Intervention undertaken by the city on Saturday, 04 February: Together with a contractor, Roads and Stormwater responded by making trenches to channel water away from the houses.

Traffic deployed officials to assist in free flow of traffic and to ensure that no vehicle would be trapped in water. Fire and Rescue was on site to ensure response in a case where life is endangered. Law Enforcement officials were deployed to handle crowd control and assist in security measures.

Red Cross responded positively and assisted 50 households with blankets and food from the Shoprite Mobile Soup kitchen. The affected areas are being monitored and all teams are on stand-by to respond to any eventuality.

Following interactions, Weather Services SA has indicated that the rain will ease from Wednesday, whilst localised thundershowers can be expected on Saturday. According to a Meteorologist based in the Bloemfontein office, this rain is not expected to be disruptive.

Members of the community are urged to take precautions and assist the city by coming up with means to divert water eg. sandbags or opening furrows/trenches. The Engineering Department is working towards finding ways to ensure proper channelling of water.

Mangaung Metro extends appreciation to Red Cross for always willing to assist when a need arises. We will, from time to time, together with Weather Services release warnings. However, we are mindful of disinformation through social media platforms that may lead to unnecessary panic.

Residents can call the Disaster Management Control Centre on 051 406 6666 for disaster related emergencies ONLY.

Statement Issued