Mangaung heavy storm leaves many homeless

Mangaung heavy strong winds leaves some families homeless/photo supplied

In the early hours of today almost the entire city of Mangaung experienced heavy storm wind which left many families homeless and devastated.

According to power utility Centlec, the heavy storm wind also affected and caused serious damages to electricity supply in many parts of Mangaung area, thus affecting normal distribution of electricity supply, especially in the southern parts of the city.

Spokesperson Lele Mamatu says an estimate number of more than 57 poles are already reported to have been affected and some are already down because of this heavy wind.

Heavy strong winds in Mangaung, on Tuesday morning/photo supplied.
Heavy strong winds in Mangaung, on Tuesday morning/photo supplied.

Centlec caution community members to be extra careful of this situation and treat all poles that are down and on the ground as live and dangerous.

“We appeal to the community to treat all the installations live and dangerous as power supply maybe restored at any time without notice. We have dispatched all our technical teams to urgently attend to this emergency situation to help normalize and restore the situation. This may however take more than our normal estimated turnaround time due to severity and huge damage caused by this heavy storm.” – Statement Issued