Library Long Table brings women together to celebrate differences

Palesa Segomotso Motsumi, art consultant, and Lerato Senoko, founder of Resilient Cosmetics, were featured guests at The Library Long Table Soiree last Saturday.

Women in Bloemfontein finally have a space where they can meet other women and talk openly about their successes and failures without fear or judgement. Which is what the City of Roses needed but which no one ever provided the opportunity for, until the Library Long Table came to town this past Saturday.
The event, which was held at 2nd Slice Café in Bloemfontein, featured two social entrepreneurs, Palesa Motsumi and Lerato Senoko. Motsumi, who works as an Art Consultant, provided valuable insights on how to invest in art, while Senoko, who manufactures perfume and cosmetics, talked about the manufacturing industry and also touched on the art and skill of developing your own perfume scent.
In addition to the empowering talks given, the audience, which was predominately women, was given an opportunity to share life experiences and discuss love and work in a safe and intimate setting. One of the core objectives of the event was to promote storytelling, enabling the women who were attending to form a powerful bond in that they could see that though they are very different, in many ways they are the same.
If you would like to be a part of this supportive and inspirational community and to join the conversations or just to keep a close eye on the when and where the next event will be, like the “Library Long Table” page on Facebook or follow them on @LLongTable on Twitter. For enquiries on the upcoming events, contact Senoko at 076-071-9137.
LLS promises to provide a safe space where women can let their hair down and share good conversations, laugh and cry, and learn from one another over great food and drinks for many more months to come. – Pulane Choane