Adopting eight hungry puppies


Adopting eight hungry puppies and finding homes where they will have enough food and be sterilised in due time, is what Judy van Zyl of Pet Action Group did last week. She went to the Estoire house of Saartjie Badenhorst where there are not only 14 adult dogs (a mix between the breeds of a sausage dog and a Jack Russell) but also eight puppies in the bedroom, whining to be fed by their mother.
“We will adopt these puppies. We need to find homes for them and get them sterilised later on. There are too many dogs here,” said Van Zyl.
The dilemma of this story is that the owners of the dogs love them sincerely and need them for protection on the Estoire smallholding but they are struggling to get food on the table. Consequently the dogs are hungry.
Van Zyl also brought the dogs some food. “It is so difficult when I go to places where the pets are hungry. The owners of the pets are also without food. So, when I take food for the pets, I also take a loaf of bread or something else for the people to eat. It will not be good just to feed the animals and leave the people,” Van Zyl said.
Apart from providing the dogs with food, Pet Action also helps to get them sterilised. If the public can assist in sponsoring some of the sterilisation fees, pet food, dog blankets or be of any other assistance, please call Van Zyl at 083 637 8491.
Banking details where money can be donation to Pet Action:


Absa Bank

Acc nr.: 4059749310

Add ref nr: 50003950025