Help government save water: Parliamentarians


Parliament’s oversight committee on water and sanitation urged communities along the Vaal River system to use water sparingly following the release of water from the Sterkfontein Dam to replenish the Vaal Dam.
Committee chairperson, Mlungisi Johnson, said water users along the system need to know that the country is still facing a severe drought. He said all citizens must take steps to reduce consumption and to remember that the Vaal River is an integral part of the economic hub of South Africa.

Johnson said it is very important that government gains the support from communities. “We must make sure that we use water sparingly and responsibly. “It is a resource that is not infinite,” he said. Johnson said water is a resource that nobody can replace, unlike energy where one can use the wind or the sun. With water, there is no replacement.

Johnson urged municipalities to strengthen their monitoring and to ensure that residents comply with set restrictions. He said bylaws must be implemented to the letter and fines must be issued for those defying the restrictions.

André Grobler