Griquas fuming over misleading financial report

Jonathan Francke

The Griquas Rugby Union were left fuming after a misleading report suggested that a financial disaster is looming at the union.

Griquas admitted that there is financial pressure on them, as is the case with all the smaller unions across South Africa.

Speaking to Courant, the Griquas President, Jannie Louw, said that they have implemented cost-cutting measures, however, the financial well-being of the union is the strongest it’s been in a decade.

“Because an industry is under pressure doesn’t mean that it’s not sustainable, so the sustainability is definitely still there,” said Louw.

“With regard to Griquas as a union, our financial position is the strongest it’s been in many years. Our balance is stronger than it’s been in the past ten years and our cash flow problem has been sorted out.

“There is no talk of monthly wages or our creditors not being paid. Yes, there aren’t any surplus funds and there is a big emphasis on cutting costs.

While reports like these could be very damaging for the union with regards to current and future sponsors, Louw confirmed that a new main sponsor is on the verge of being signed.

“We can meet all our obligations, there is no question about that.

“We are on the verge of signing a new main sponsor. We have smaller sponsors that assist us. But Griquas is most certainly not a financial risk, there is no question about that.

The Griquas impressed during the Currie Cup last season and narrowly missed out on the semi-finals.

This has lured players such as the flyhalf George Whitehead and the abrasive forward Shaun McDonald to the team.

Louw said it would be criminal to sign such players if they weren’t able to provide them with financial security.

“We will be murderers if we go and take a player out of a working environment and lure him to the Griquas knowing that we cannot pay his salary.

“We are reasonable people here, why will we go and take a player out of a secure environment and throw him to the wolves? We can definitely meet our obligations.” – MORGAN PIEK