Eskom commended for providing electricity to the poor

ESKOM spokesperson says all the FS municipalities are off the hook.

The Premier of the North West Province, Supra Mahumapelo, has commended Eskom for providing electricity to 1400 households to the community of Kgabalatsane village in the Madibeng Local Municipality.

Speaking to the community members during the switch on the ceremony held at Kgabalatsane near Brits, Block G in Ward 10 on Friday 10 February, the Premier said the dignity of the people has been restored yet again.

“After waiting patiently, we are happy to announce that the people of Kgabalatsane now have electricity and this is because of the good work Eskom does in our province working together with the government continues to grow. We commend Eskom for the hard work they are putting in ensuring that few communities in our province without electricity get connected,” he said.

The Premier said in his visit to the community last year people complained that they were suffering because of not having electricity.
He then promised that the provincial government, together with Eskom, will ensure that in the beginning of 2017 there is electricity in their area.

“This is more than the connection, it means that our children who are at school can now do their school work even at night without a hassle and it also means that businesses activities can start because electricity means everything. So we are happy that our government continues to achieve a lot in as far as electricity is concerned and Eskom must be highly applauded in this regard.”

Eskom  exceeded its electrification target in the provinceby connecting 19 407 houses instead of 19 285 which was planned for the current 2016/17 financial year.

While other municipalities across the country are experiencing electricity cut-offs, Madibeng Local Municipality is not one of them.
North West Eskom Operating Unit General Manager, Mamanyuha, confirmed that Madibeng is one of the municipalities paying on time in the province.

“This municipality is complying with payments of electricity, they paid us well last year and they are still continuing to do so even this year.
We are moving ahead and will continue to connect households, we will not be able to do so if our municipalities do not pay for their electricity,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries, David Ratshivhadela, said life for him will never be the same. “I am so excited that today my house is connected to electricity, this is going to make my life very easy, especially for my small business and households things.

It has to be a long time, but finally our government has managed to make sure that my village has electricity and for that we thank you,” he told the Premier during a special visit to his house.

Statement issued by the Office of the Premier – Bokone Bophirima Province (North-West)