Employers of Lesotho nationals are warned


Legal action will be taken against employers who are found to have illegal Lesotho immigrants in their employment after the deadline for the issuing of Lesotho Special Permits. This is according to the Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba. Speaking at the reopening of Ratlou Home Affairs in Thaba Nchu, he advised employers who have hired illegal immigrants from Lesotho to write letters confirming their employment as it froms part of the required documents for the application for a Lesotho Special Permit. The permit  is issued under a special dispensation for Lesotho nationals who are working, studying or running businesses in South Africa and had done so before September 2015 without the necessary documents. The deadline for applications is on 30 September 2016. Gigaba urged all immigrants to apply for proper documents, and warned employers of these immigrants to take heed of this decision. “When we close the Lesotho Special Permits process, we will take legal actions against all employers employing people in South Africa without having the work permits. South Africans must respects South African laws and comply with those laws”. – Katleho Morapela