‘Death penalty, land invasions are unconstitutional’ – Bizos

Bizos is pictured here with Nadel secretary, Machini Motloung, right, and another representative from Nadel. PHOTO: SABRINA DEAN

Respected human rights lawyer, George Bizos, said he gets very upset when uninformed people are critical of South Africa’s Constitution.
Bloemfontein Courant caught up with Bizos just prior to his departure from Bram Fischer International Airport on Saturday. He was in Bloemfontein to address the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Bloemfontein branch of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (Nadel).
Saturday also marked the twentieth anniversary of the signing into law of the Constitution by former President Nelson Mandela.
Bizos said he was pleased to address the meeting so as to put certain issues on the record:
“My theme was Don’t blame the Constitution because people are saying things like ‘bring back the death sentence’, or ‘take land away from white farmers without compensation’. These are all things that are unconstitutional.”
Nadel’s Bloemfontein branch executive, Tebogo Manye, said delegates discussed various issues affecting South Africans both on a local and an international scale.
“Some of the issues that we also raised included the SA Government’s relations with other institutions outside the country.
“For instance, the International Criminal Court (ICC) – should we withdraw, should we not withdraw. We dealt with the issue of the SABC, we dealt with issues of violation of human rights, genocide in Africa and all those types of things,” Manye said. – Sabrina Dean