Netflix releases show depicting re-enactments of Korkie’s hostage drama

Joanna Price as Yolandé Korkie, who was kidnapped in 2013 with her husband, Pierre, in the dramatic re-enactment in the docu-series “Captive”. Photo:

Popular television streaming service, Netflix, released a documentary series on the Korkie hostage drama.

This comes as this week marked two years since former Grey College teacher, Pierre Korkie, was killed by Al-Qaeda militants during a failed rescue attempt by American special forces in Yemen.

Korkie and his wife, Yolandé, were kidnapped in Taiz in May 2013 and she was fortunately released.

Hollywood Producer and Director of The Bourne Identity franchise, Doug Liman, is one of the creatives behind the mini-series.

Captive examines the most challenging hostage situations experienced, from the highest profile cases to those kept hidden from the public.

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The series sheds light on the escalating international trend of hostage taking and the efforts to resolve it.

By exploring a wide range of hostage situations from the viewpoint of everyone involved – the victims, their families, experienced negotiators and the kidnappers themselves – each episode of Captive will take a 360-degree perspective to reflect the tension that arises from the life and death stakes involved and the complexity inherent in every hostage crisis.

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