CUT management had to take drastic action


Management of the Central University of Technology (CUT) had to take drastic action by suspending classes and assessments at its Bloemfontein and Welkom campuses for the rest of the week.

This comes after management, concerned parents and leadership could not reach a clear consensus regarding issues on the #FeesMustFall Campaign yesterday.

CUT spokesperson, Dan Maritz, says after a meeting yesterday afternoon on the Bloemfontein Campus management decided to further engage with all stakeholders in an effort to find viable solutions while there will be no classes and assessments for students.

There is hope that solutions will be found by Friday, says Maritz. CUT management is still in the process of considering demands made by students. According to him, management is also engaging with other stakeholders.

No student violence has been reported on the CUT Bloemfontein Campus after a group of people stormed the library yesterday, forcing students inside to evacuate. – Christal-Lize Muller