CUT management and staff conclude on salary negotiations

The Central University of the Free State and the labour unions representing its staff seem to have reached an agreement.

The Labour Unions and the management at the Central University of Technology (CUT) have agreed on a 6.5% salary increment for all staff members after months of negotiations.

The spokesperson for the university, Dan Maritz, says the two parties made significant progress at the negotiation table and signed a joint agreement on Friday, 3 February.

The unions and management as the Joint Bargaining Forum (JBF), worked since September 2016 to finalise the matter.

Maritz says the increase across the board has been in effect from January 1. He adds that they have also agreed on a number of cost containment measures to be implemented this year.

“Negotiations of this nature takes a long time, but as a university, this has been another great achievement that we were able to resolve these issues. But we may need to look at measures like cutting on travelling for staff for instance,” says Maritz.

Mark Steenbok/BloemfonteinCourant