Council consolidates budgets of five towns added to Mangaung

Managung Metro Mayor Olly Mlamleli. Photo: Refilwe Gaeswe

An ordinary council meeting was held on Friday to discuss consolidating the budgets of the former Naledi Municipality and part of Soutpan with that of the Mangaung Metro Municipality. The council also instructed the Acting City Manager, Tankiso Mae, to identify the by-laws of these areas that will be needed to regulate some services in the municipality.

The appointment of acting city managers for planning was also on the agenda. The council resolved to ensure that they will avoid hiring managers in acting positions, and thus have allowed the mayor, Olly Mlamleli, to advertise vacant posts. Mlamleli says the council also had queries regarding questions that are yet to be answered by the municipality.

“There’s one member who asked about a court order against honourable Viviers. It is alleged that he utilised money of a trust. But the speaker responded very well by saying that he is still looking into the matter. It might not be what some councillors think it is,” explained Mlamleli.

Seithati Semenokane / Courant News