Company informs learners on career opportunities

Here is the six-man team of Leadership With Gesh (#LWG) at their previous business seminar with Timothy Maurice Webster as the speaker as well as the school kids who were invited.

A local team of young, experienced and diversely skilled individuals last year established a company which assists the youth in easing into the transition from teenagehood to adulthood through intense motivational talks, training current and future leaders on how to be and stay the best in their respective crafts, specialities, gifting and spheres.
The six-man team of Leadership With Gesh (#LWG) comprises Mooki “Gesh” Makheta (27), Wellie Poshoko (26), Dintle Seseane (24), Refiloe Zim (24) and Amo Modise (22). Their mission is to ignite a passion, inspire a vision and encourage successful behaviour through exciting and innovative talks from their well-equipped and experienced team.
They are currently delivering monthly talks at Moemedi Secondary School, St Bernard’s High School, Hodisa Technical Secondary School, Brebner High School and Athlehang Secondary School, exposing learners to the many career opportunities available and giving leadership advice.
Talking to Voice, Zim says they have found that many learners do not know what career opportunities are available for them to pursue after school. “All of us can’t necessarily go to university but there are many other interesting careers one can pursue. Not all of us can be chartered accountants.”
With this in mind #LWG is hosting a career expo called Bridge The Gap on Saturday (3 September) at the University of the Free State’s new Education Building from 9:00 until 13:00.
“The expo is aimed at giving scholars an idea of all the career opportunities available to them. Hence, we’ve invited as many companies over a broad spectrum for them to interact with and ask any questions they may have.”
The guest speaker of the morning is Siza Majola, Senior Manager: Stakeholder Relations at Royal Bafokeng Holdings. #LWG CEO Mooki “Gesh” Makheta will also be sharing his experience on stage.
Zim says visitors can look forward to exhibitions of more than 20 participants. To attend the expo is free of charge and all learners and parents are invited to attend the day.
“We believe that the power to transform our country, our communities, and yes, even your organisation, lies in the hands of dedicated young entrepreneurs such as ourselves. Our backgrounds and history, combined with our qualifications and experience, unequivocally position us best to journey with you and your organisation in Leadership and Business Consulting.”
To find out more about #LWG, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook Leadership With Gesh#LWG. – Maricelle Botha