Community members join hands in a cleaning project

Dewetsdorp dumping site

Dewetsdorp community members, neighbouring farmers, school pupils and teachers joined hands and resources in cleaning their town. They came in large groups, from different races, young and old, from different locations and backgrounds, with the aim of cleaning their town to improve their standard of living, and to ensure that Dewetsdorp becomes a sustainable eco-friendly farming community. Garbage bags were full of litter and neighbouring farmers joined hands and made use of their trucks to transport garbage.  School pupils also cleaned and collected garbage from every corner of the streets.

Amohelang Masabudi, a Christiaan de Wet school pupil cites Madiba Spirit as a motivation behind doing voluntary work for his community. “Mandela made huge sacrifices for this country, and ensured that everyone is afforded the same opportunities. We are where we are today because of him, and the least we could do is to take care of our immediate resources and keep our environment clean” explained Masabudi.

Pupils were ecstatic about keeping their town clean and eco-friendly. Tsholo Phafuli (17) explains that this is the first cleaning project that he has been involved in, and got involved because it’s for a good cause, and it will be beneficial to the entire Dewestdorp community.

Quintus Hoffman, a farmer explains that “this cleaning project will not only help community members to live in a clean and safe environment, but will promote social cohesion as community members from different parts of Dewetsdorp come together for a good cause”.

The community of Dewetsdorp stands together in ensuring that Dewetsdorp is clean and counted amongst one of cleanest towns in the Free State. With this project community members aimed to encourage each other to take responsibility for keeping their surroundings clean. They encouraged each other to make use of disposal bins and ensure that everyone’s health is secured by keeping the environment clean.

Katleho Morapela