Come hear the Ellen Pakkies story in Heidedal

Ellen Pakkies

If for some reason you have missed the popular play by director Liz Meiring “My name is Ellen Pakkies”, don’t despair. You can now hear the story from the proverbial horse’s mouth.
On 27 May Ellen Pakkies, a mother from the gang infested Lavender Hill, will travel to Bloemfontein to tell her heart-rending story of hardships and tough decisions to over 500 women in the school hall of Heide Primary School in Heidedal.
Pakkies will be the main speaker at the Angel Foundation’s 3rd Annual Autumn Queen Ladies High Tea, which is one of its flagship fundraiser events on its annual calendar. The theme of this year’s Autumn Queen is “When Sleeping women wake, mountains move” (a Chinese proverb).
Pakkies, a mother turned social activist who was acquitted for strangling her addict son, will inspire women as she has done through her many talks around the country.
A decade after killing her tik-addicted son, Adam, Pakkies has now agreed to have a film produced about her life by Paulo Areal, who also made “Die Spook van Uniondale” and “A Lotto Madness”. The production team started shooting the film in January and will complete it at around the end of May.
To hear her inspiring story, get your ticket by calling Angelique Kemp at 082-752-6488. The event will start at 11:00 on Saturday 27 May 2017. – Pieter Delport