Brandfort residents hopeless without water

A resident is washing her laundry in someone else's yard because they haven't had water for days in their section. PHOTO: MOEKETSI MOGOTSI

The water shortage in Brandfort has left residents high and dry for a little over a week now. While some areas only receive water interruptions, certain parts of Brandfort haven’t seen a drop of water for days. Higher lying areas of the Majwemasweu Municipality are said to be the most affected by the shortage.
Leana Pienaar, a resident of Mountain View, says that they are unable to cook or clean. When we came across her, she was in another section of Mountain View where there is water, washing her laundry inside someone else’s yard.

Local businessman and resident, City Ratsiu, says the municipality hasn’t been able to handle the situation properly.
“It’s been a long time since we don’t have water in our township. If we ask the municipality they say they’re just cleaning the water pipes. There is no other reason they give us. They don’t inform us about what is going on.”
Ratsiu says the municipality hasn’t communicated well about the water interruptions and that the distribution tankers are unable to supply to everyone in need.
“In Ward 2 in Mountain View we don’t have a drop of water. In other wards, sometimes they get water early in the morning or late in the afternoon,” he added.
Ratsiu tries to alleviate the shortage by distributing water to schools, crèches and other areas where people need water.
Other places where people travel to go collect water are the Correctional Services, Waterworks, and the Municipal House in town.
Matshidiso Secondary School, as well as WSM Malotle Primary School, have JoJo tanks and boreholes to supply students and staff with water.
Other areas receive water early in the mornings but then the water runs dry at around 08:00. – Moeketsi Mogotsi