Bloemfontein citizens take hands to clean up their areas


Mark Steenbok

Residents from Lourier Park, Bloemdal and Ferreira in Bloemfontein joined hands on Friday and Saturday to help clean up their streets.

Community members, including residents, farmers and their workers all came together over the weekend to help clean the streets and pick up rubbish.

The organiser of the clean-up project, Doure Makay, told Courant they have experienced a massive problem over the last four years with illegal dumping on the side of the road.

“If you drive up on the side of the road past the Windmill Casino you will see huge amounts of dumping on the side of the road and on the other side of Lourier Park as well. It seems that the public thinks it is a dumping zone.

“Together we have three different communities that fall under the same ward that have come together to help clean up their areas and improve the conditions. If the area looks clean it is is more hygienic and it helps the morale as well,” says Makay.

He hopes other areas in the City of Roses are inspired to also clean their communities. He says people cannot always count on the municipality in terms of moving their communities forward.

“It is definitely a message to the rest of Bloemfontein and a request actually, that one can help the community by standing together.

“I must say, the Manguang Metro Municipality was kind enough to provide us with bags. Tomorrow afternoon they will send a truck to help us remove the bags so that the farmers do not have to do it themselves.”

He says similar projects are planned for the future. “There is definitely going to be more clean-up projects.”