Billy Murison Stadium gets a face lift

Members of the Heidedal Unemployment Forum HUF, with the Community Liason Officer, Elaine Booysen. Photos: Seithati Semenokane

The Billy Murison stadium in Heidedal is currently undergoing renovations, with the hope that a newer looking stadium will encourage the community to participate in recreational activities. The renovations, which are expected to take four months to complete, include the building of 15 new toilets, and refurbishing the spectators stand.

The renovations are expected to take four months to complete.

Contractor and owner of All Star Industries, Riyaaz Africa said: “We are going to be building 15 ablution facilities as well as two showers. We are also going to be putting on new roofing and lighting systems. So the facility will be used to the best interest of the community.”

Ward 47 councillor, John De Bruin.

Ward 47 councillor, John de Bruin, says that the project to renovate the stadium has been on the Integrated Development Plan IDP for three years. “Nothing was happening here during those three years. Since becoming the councillor of Ward 47 in August 2016 I have been having meetings with social development to make sure that this becomes a reality. I’m glad we bringing sports back to the Heidedal community,” he said.

HUF Founder and chairperson, Benji Williams.

Heidedal Unemployed Forum, which was established in 2016 and has helped to create more than 50 temporary jobs is proud to be part of this project. Founder and chairperson, Benji Williams: “Everybody has sent people to come work here as the community is running the project. The community is going to build renovate and clean the stadium for the community.”

Seithati Semenokane / Courant News