Arts, journalism platform created for Mangaung

Author, Ace Moloi, talks about the exciting new organisation he is a part of. PHOTO: LEROY PHOTOGRAPHY

Three of some of the most celebrated individuals in Free State’s literary scene have come together to establish a new media platform that aims to document much of the artistic activity that goes on in Mangaung.
The new initiative, which is called Art State, was established just two months ago by Mpho Matsitle (publisher), Ace Moloi (editor) and Thato Rossouw (senior writer) and went live with its first edition on
1 August 2017.
Editor and author of two books, Moloi says: “The need for a publication that is dedicated strictly to art and artists has always been there. Artists didn’t only lack a media platform, but a space that also critiques their work and keeps them on their toes. This is what we do as Art State.”
Since the organisation is essentially a news and reviews site, artists only have to create art to receive a feature on the platform. “We operate exactly like a media outlet. We chase stories and follow leads. See us as a newspaper and artists as newsmakers,” the Holding My Breath author says.
He adds that although he and his partners are permanent members, they actively source the writings needed from other people. Moloi further says the ideal of the organisation is to become the headquarters of Mangaung Art. “We want it to become an authoritative platform which is resourceful to anybody that is interested in Mangaung art, including art-loving tourists who want to know what the city is all about,” Moloi says enthusiastically.
He says the company is in the process of sourcing sponsors or patrons and therefore invites any willing organisations and individuals who would like to support arts journalism to make donations in cash or kind.
To find out more about this meaningful initiative meant to put Mangaung arts on the map, visit