Slow start as Northwest MEC appear in court

China Dodovu
China Dodovu
Dane Beisheim

Klerksdorp. - It's been a slow start in the Klerksdorp magistrate's court this morning, where the bail application of the eight accused in the murder case of the late Kenneth Kaunda Regional Secretary, Obuti Chika is taking place.

Among the accused is Northwest Local Government MEC China Dodovu, who was arrested by the Hawks on Monday. All eight stand accused of conspiracy to commit murder following the death of Chika on December 14 last year.

In his affidavit read to the court Jeffry Letuka, today claimed to have been manhandled and intimidated by members of the South African Police. Meanwhile, ANC Ward secretary Paul Molamonyane said he is not a flight risk and will not interfere in the investigation.

Proceedings were adjourned for a short break just before lunch. Meanwhile, outside the court, streets have been cordoned off by police as members of the community took to the streets, to oppose bail.

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