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Children do what we do

In a shopping mall I saw children talking about others in the most disrespectful way. When the mother arrived I was relieved.
To my surprise she encouraged their talk by adding her own degrading remarks. After they left I saw what really happened and realised that they made an assumption, which was far from the truth. God is very clear about where He stands when it comes to discipline and our children.

Prov 29v17 “Discipline your children; you'll be glad you did— they'll turn out delightful to live with.”(Msg) It is clear that the responsibility of teaching our children respect for others, humility, humbleness, responsibility and gratitude must come from us. This is not the responsibility of the school, church, other family or friends. Each parent must remember that if we want to live with “delightful children” we need to teach them by our own example.

We cannot expect our children to be our best friends and neglect in the process to teach them to face the consequences for their actions.  If we cover all their mistakes, we are sending them into a life without any sense of responsibility. This will bring them more tears and sadness than what they would have experienced in their years of childhood discipline!

Brenda Myburgh
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