VIDEO: Businesses to clean-up Willows


The Bloemfontein Business Chamber invites residents to help make Bloemfontein a better place by assisting with its latest venture, The Willows Project-clean up.

Sunday, 13 November, will be the first step to reclaiming Willows and Bloemfontein as a beautiful, clean and safe city.

People that are interested in joining the mass clean-up can gather at 15:00 at Newtons Chartered Accountants, parking lot, 27 Park Road, Willows.

You are requested to wear orange (like a Cheetah supporter) and to bring a hat, sunscreen and water bottle (the project will proceed regardless of rain).

Bring at least three black refuge removal bags per person, ‘braai’ tongs or gloves for picking up litter, shovels, brooms, dustpans, rakes, pliers for wire, scissors for rope, garden shears or handsaw, bucket and brush/sponge.

Teams will be formed and will move with a team leader per area/function to designated areas. The allocation will be announced at 15:00 in the parking area at Newtons. Everyone will meet again at 17:00 in the parking area for a group photo.

The area identified for this clean-up starts in Park Road and Ella Street.

Some of the tasks at hand:

  • Pick up of litter
  • Cleaning of gutters and sidewalks
  • Remove weeds on the side walk
  • Prune low-hanging twigs from trees
  • Cut poster ropes and wires from lamp poles
  • Remove posters from electrical distribution boxes or walls
  • Have conversations with residents, owners of businesses and visitors to the area
  • Post pictures of the project on our and your Facebook page
  • Motivate children and friends to come and make a difference
  • Do something good – as a family, friends or business

Please contact Gert at if you have a bakkie available to assist with transport of black bags to the central point next to the swimming pool where the Municipality will collect the refuse.

Business owners from Willows who would like to join the effort may contact Wayne at Newtons – or 051-403-4100.

This project is a joint initiative of Willows business owners, Newtons Chartered Accountants, the Global Leadership Summit, Towers of Hope and the Bloemfontein Business Chamber. United.